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The patented NEW Taylor Waterstove system makes wood fired outdoor furnace heating the most efficient on the market today.

Do you like the warmth of wood burning heat but hate the mess?  Would you like to have an endless supply of domestic hot water for cooking, cleaning and bathing?  From the very first load of wood, your new Taylor Waterstove will cut your energy bills down to size. Meanwhile you can enjoy clean, dependable heat. 

Taylor Waterstove furnaces consist of a durable wood-burning firebox surrounded by a water tank.  Hot water is pumped through an insulated pipe to a heat exchanger unit located in your heating ductwork or through an existing hot water system, radiant floor heat or baseboard water unit, and throuh a separate line to your hot water heater tank for domestic hot water.  Heat transfer to water is maximized with Taylor's exclusive Stainless Steel Double Pass Flue system.

Taylor's Demand Burn Auto Draft System increases burning efficiency by allowing temperatures in the burn chamber to reach 2000 degrees farenheit and there by burning the secondary gases.

Posi-Seal Urethane Insulation keeps more heat in the stove where it can be used and minimizing heat loss to the outside.

The warmth provided by a Taylor Waterstove is controlled by a thermostat inside your home.  Unlike ordinary woodstoves, a Taylor Waterstove heats every room in your house uniformly and only when you call for it.

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 Convenient, clean and efficient heat you can count on year after year!