Why a Taylor Waterstove?
  • No logs to carry in and no messy ashes in the house!
  • Water heat does not dry up your sinuses.
  • No inside oxygen is used to fuel the heat like other wood or gas burning units.  Exhaust gases make two complete passes through the water.
  • Large, easy on your back, easy-open door allows effortless loading of big, unsplit logs.  Even green wood burns easily.
  • In summertime, load just once or twice per week for all domestic hot water uses.
  • Put unit as close as 2 feet from the house or as far away as you like.  The important thing is that you place it where it is most convenient for you - near your wood source.
  • Unlike others, a Taylor Waterstove provides a stainless steel flue pipe system and stack as standard equipment.  Double Pass Flue transfers more heat into the water.
  • Water tank is completel insulated and seams are sealed with Posi-Seal Urethane Insulation.
  • 6 year warranty on T450 and T750 units.